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Mahdar Tahir
Goldin Global Fellow, Malaysia

Mahdar Tahir is a Social Worker and Founder of Crescent Collective, a non-profit social organization that guides Malaysian youth towards spiritual awareness and understanding by grounding moral values through talks, community projects, and volunteerism on arts and culture. Although the vision of Crescent Collective has always been to prioritize marginalized or disenfranchised youth, its non-judgemental and inclusive approach has resulted in participants from all walks of life joining the activities. Another key strength of Crescent Collective is the willingness and commitment to bridge social and community issues across all walks of life, and learning by comparison and through best practice, through the invitation of speakers from around the world, namely arts and culture practitioners. Mahdar also actively promotes social and spiritual community events and is often seen lending his expertise in a wide array of projects with local schools, media, charity and refugee programs. He is also one of the directors of I CAN Malaysia, a regional partner of Arigatou International, and an alumnus of the 2015 IVLP on Youth & Community Conflict Resolution.