Our Network
The Goldin Institute works with over 100 cities in over 40 countries worldwide to build meaningful partnerships rooted in the knowledge, skills and assets of local leadership. The map below includes cities that have sent leaders to international Goldin Institute events, participated in leadership development trainings or are actively leading community driven social change initiatives.
Global Associate Malya Villard provides an update on the work to prevent gender-based violence in Haiti at a public lecture at Loyola University, Chicago.
Global Associate Lissette Mateus Roa brings innovative child soldier reconciliation program from Colombia to our partners in Uganda.
Global Associate Lissette Susana Anayatin celebrated Earth Day 2015 by leading a series of trainings on Environmental Protection and Cultural Sensitivity to over 129 soldiers of the Philippine Army.
Global Associate Denis Okello of Uganda reports on the child soldier reintegration project in the Kitgum District conducted specifically for secondary and vocational school teachers.
About our Global Network
The Goldin Institute works to build grassroots partnerships for global change that are rooted in the power of communities coming together to build their own solutions and determine their own futures. We help communities achieve their goals through a combination of online and on the ground initiatives focused on addressing poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and conflict resolution. The Goldin Institute's global network has grown to include collaborators in over seventy cities around the world. This network provides the foundation for all of the work we do. This exceptional network of leaders, activists, community organizers and government and NGO staff share a commitment to our core principals of building grassroots partnerships for global change. This network guides, directs, facilitates and carries out the work of the Goldin Institute in each of its own communities.