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Jacquelyn Moore
Chicago Peace Fellow
Auburn Gresham

After 25+ years supporting systems software in the finance industry, Jacquelyn Moore left corporate life with the knowledge that technology can remove or provide obstacles, as people often fear that which they don’t know, and the persistent application of skills can benefit both areas. In 2002, determined to improve the trajectory of the youth in her community, she began offering free technology instruction that focused on how to apply it to improve the learner and the community. Jacquelyn founded Chicago’s first community high school robotics team (Chicago Knights), America’s first free, public facing makerspace for teens (LevelUP IRL), and the annual Chicago Southside Maker Faire. As a wife, mother of four, grandmother of seven, and person of faith, she values family, community, and service. Jacquelyn is proud to be called RoboticsLady and continue to serve Chicago’s youth.

"I am passionate about creating and sharing opportunities for growth, especially in the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) skills and education to improve and support our own communities."