The Goldin Institute is staffed by a diverse group of talented and committed individuals around the world working towards a common goal of creating real local and global change rooted in the power of communities determining their own futures.
Jimmie Briggs
Skoll Foundation
Board of Advisors

Prior to accepting a role as Principal at the Skoll Foundation, Jimmie Briggs served as the Coordinator for Community Learning and Collaboration for the Goldin Institute.  Jimmie has decades of experience as a documentary storyteller, writer and advocate for racial and gender equity. A member of the New York City Mayor’s Gender Equity Commission, he is also an adjunct professor in social change journalism at the International Center of Photography in New York.

Prior to joining the Goldin Institute, Jimmie was a co-founder and executive director emeritus of the Man Up Campaign, a globally-focused organisation to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls. He’s a National Magazine Award finalist and recipient of honors from the Open Society Institute, National Association of Black Journalists and the Carter Center for Mental Health Journalism. His 2005 book Innocents Lost: When Child Soldiers Go To War took readers into the lives of war-affected children around the world. A graduate of Morehouse College, he holds a holds a Medal of Distinction from Barnard College.

Jimmie continues to serve as a Senior Advisor to the Goldin Institute and as a member of the GATHER Advisory Committee.