Philippines Water Project Reaches 40,000 students!

Community Learning and Collaboration

In a major milestone, Global Associate Dr. Susana Anayatin and her colleagues have provided over 40,000 students in Manguindanao with reliable access to clean drinking water at over 100 schools.

Working within a coalition of members in civil society, non-governmental organizations, the military, armed guerillas and parents, Susana and her team overcame persistent challenges which still remain moving forward.  

"It is summertime here in our region," Susana explained, "and our students are on vacation through the end of May. We are also dealing with flooding and as well as peace and security challenges. There are military operations happening in the areas we’ve targeted for water pump installation, as the national government is waging war under martial law."

Even amidst these difficulties, progress continues as our partners have recently installed four more units, including one in a community where Muslims and Christians living and working together.

In addition to leading these water pump installation efforts, Susana has been chosen by these communities to be a representative in the national peace process since her appointment late last year as a commissioner of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission.' 

Being a Christian among the 21-panel members is a great challenge but it is also an honor to do so. My active presence in promoting the welfare at the grassroots level has happened through my work with the Goldin Institute as many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) nominated me for this position.


This milestone was complemented by another historic moment in the project with the announcement of a $20,000 grant from the Lush Cosmetics Charitable Foundation.

With this grant, the Goldin Institute will be able to expand the safe drinking water project to an additional sixteen schools in Mindanao, estimated to reach more than 3,680 students. To help raise awareness about the Goldin Institute’s work, Lush Cosmetics has also agreed to provide information about the project on their website and on select product packaging.

We invite you to join the fundraising effort led by Board member Akif Irfan and follow along with the team in the Philippines as they continue to update this map of schools in Maguindanao where the water pumps are installed.

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